Print Mixing Like a Pro: Here's How!

May 07, 2018

Print Mixing Like a Pro: Here's How!

The secret? Throw out old fashion “rules” and wear it with confidence!

If there’s one thing we don’t shy away from at Bergstrom Originals, it’s pattern! Christina hand picks high-quality fabrics with incredible prints for every collection - from big, bold, and colourful florals to intricately designed geometrics. And while you can showcase a dynamic, patterned piece by wearing it with solid colours or a simple black base, these prints are also made to mix! Check out some outfits below that highlight how to combine prints like a pro - bringing contrasting patterns together in a stunning, complimentary style.   

Variations on a Theme

Try mixing together similar prints in the same family. A great example of this is the combination of the Hatteras Top and Jackson Trousers in Chambray Stripe. It may sound like breaking a fashion “rule” to layer stripes on stripes, but these two prints play off each other perfectly.

print mixing stripes

The Jackson Trousers feature a soft grey pinstripe that acts as a neutral base to build up with colourful and patterned blouses. Choosing the Hatteras Top enhances the elemental, natural style of the chambray fabric with soft tones of coral and blue. The wider stripe of the top brings a directional contrast to the vertical lines of the trousers - each balancing the other.


polka dots match with polka dots

Another great pairing plays with polka dot prints… matching the Elsa Swing Top and Jackson Trousers in Chambray Dot. Like stripes, polka dot prints are a classic look that can easily be worn as a neutral. With the bright orange top over the denim-style blue of the Jackson Trousers, this summery combination brings together complementary colours with the fun and flirty touch of the mini dot print.   

Pure Contrast

Black and white print mixing is guaranteed win. The dramatic contrast between black and white always brings a crisp and clean-lined look. And combining different prints with the same colour combo simply enhances the appeal.

black and white print mixing

Start with the stately Retro Tile print - together, the Liverpool Jacket and Jagger Slim Trousers create a gorgeous summer suiting option. The tiny detail of the tile print is perfectly complemented by the magnified floral of the Le Coupe Top in Charlie Bloom. Alternatively, you can soften the geometric edge of this suit with the loose-fit and feminine print of the Elsa Swing Top in matching cream and black. These four pieces can be mixed and matched with classic black basics - such as our Kitty Tee and Morrison Cropped Trousers - for endless combinations tailored for your work wardrobe.

work wear separates mixing

Craving a little pop of colour? Mix in one more print with Sacha London’s Special slingbacks! These gorgeous heels will add a touch of colour to the outfit while maintaining an elegant, professional look. In particular, pair them with the Charlie Bloom textile to play on the floral theme.   

Vintage Inspirations

For fantastic throwback styles, this season’s collection features some amazing retro prints! Bring them together for a look that perfectly emulates that vintage vibe. For example, you can showcase the the Lotta Bloom print by pairing the Top with the matching Morrison Crop Trousers. Completed with a self tie belt knotted around your hips, these two pieces create a daringly bold jumpsuit style.

finnish inspired print Marimekko style

Combining different patterns in the same colour palette is another way mix prints with ease. Try on the Prudence Top in aqua over patterned pants, such as the Jackson Trousers in Chambray Dot. This pairing unites a unique sixties floral, gingham trim, and a delicate polka dot in a fun and free-spirited style - yet, the cool blue tones threaded through the ensemble keep the look from getting too busy. Finish it off with the Dulce heels by Sacha London - a touch of denim ornamented with flowers - and this outfit is ready to go for casual summer parties!

pattern mixing 101

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