Get Inspired! Tidbits from the Design Studio

February 04, 2016

Get Inspired! Tidbits from the Design Studio

 We’re talking about black and white photography, nautical styles of the 1930s, and delicate blue patterns on porcelain... all part of what makes up the story of inspiration for Bergstrom Originals SS16.

 Black and White photography inspiration

Above: bold geometric patterns emerge from beautiful black and white photography - inspiring our bold pattern mixing collection.


Inspiration and ideas are the starting blocks for every new collection at Bergstrom Originals, and today we’re releasing a sneak peek at some of Christina’s mood boards and sketches for the upcoming season. From iconic actresses to modern design, we can’t wait to see where it all leads!

Sketches by Christina Bergstrom

Above: sketches from Christina's studio 


This new season in fashion will herald bold black and white graphics off-set with splashes of intense colour. Inspired by modern geometric designs, we’ll see some funky pattern mixing in a stark two tone palette. Classic stripes and punchy polka dots combine with contemporary graphics with symmetry and style. Complementing these black and white patterns with saturated colour means ensembles accented by hot pinks and bright aquas. Psychedelic, multicolour fabrics feature to grab your attention.   

black and white graphics with punches of colour

Above: parisian chic, swatches from our black and white pattern-mixing collection, a fabulous chair that inspires rainbow accents.


Black and white with a historical edge, the future collection will include a dose of Glen Check, long considered a sophisticated staple in menswear. This season expect to see those right angles introduced to some softer edges in our trench-style outerwear.

 Another theme to look for in the Spring/Summer Collection is a navy blue nautical style. Deep, dark blues in ikat-inspired prints brings in a touch of the exotic, a seaside escape. Think of Audrey Hepburn at the beach and jaunty blue and white sailor suits. Get ready to sail away on a navy dream - Breton stripes and wide-legged trousers will not be amiss!

Navy nautical inspiration Bergstrom Originals

Above: Nautical Themed 1930's Vogue, Ikat print, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, sailing.


Paired with the navy patterns is a softly contrasting coral. In spring florals and watercolour blushes, this soft coral hue emphasizes the feminine side and stands shoulder to shoulder with the strong blues of the season.   

Coral and navy mood board

Above: Coral and navy in Hollywood Regency decor, a seaside Audrey Hepburn, navy and coral vintage style, Jean Seberg in stripes, 1966 Pierre Cardin coral shift.

 Inspired by traditional batiks, Royal Copenhagen china, and Jean Seberg in her iconic stripes, Christina continues to pull from a wide and colourful array of inspirations to create unique and contemporary fashion. Coming soon to the Spring/Summer Collection, it won’t be long before you can try it on.    




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