Cold Nose, Warm Toes: Bos & Co. Boots!

November 05, 2014

Cold Nose, Warm Toes: Bos & Co. Boots!

If the sprinkle of snow on November 1st was any indication, winter is soon to arrive! Prepare yourself with a warm pair of winter boots from the latest line at Bergstrom: Bos & Co.

 Bos & Co Winter Boot Collection at Bergstrom Originals

 These boots are made in Portugal, yet designed for a real Canadian winter. The upper leathers and seams are treated with a silicone sealer, rendering them waterproof and ready for tramping through the snow. Their thermo rubber soles stay flexible in cold temperatures and have sturdy tread to keep you skipping on the slippery sidewalks.

Bos & Co Winter boot soles with grip for ice and snowMost of our winter boot styles are lined with a micro fiber fleece. It’s a warm and lightweight material, capable of absorbing perspiration and drying out quickly. For example, the Krisper is fleece-lined from the tip of the toe to the top of the calf. A gusset with laces up the back of the boot allow for size adjustability, so you can tuck in your thick socks and legwarmers.

Bos and Co Krisper, Irma and Katie BootsThe Hayriver boot is lined with a soft, thick layer of pure Merino wool. This natural, breathable fiber is also a great material for absorbing moisture and retaining warmth. The rustic tri-colour design plays with different textures of leather and wool, layered in a comfortable and flexible mid-calf boot that will keep you cosy all winter long.

Bos & Co Alice, Hayriver and Barlow winter bootsAll of our Bos & Co. boots are insulated with a thermal sock lining from the heel to toe, adding a cushion and an extra layer of insulation to the bottom of your feet. They also all contain a waterproof, breathable membrane sewn between the upper material and lining, reinforcing the waterproof qualities of the boots and maintaining a healthy environment for your feet.

 From a heeled ankle boot to a tall, solid walking boot, the Bos & Co. collection provides an array of styles that are both fashionable and warm, to keep you comfortable and walking through ‘til spring!

View all of the Bos & Co. Styles here!



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